Zeetex is a premium name in manufacturing and producing lubricants and tires for different vehicles depending on their range and type. We at Zeetex are proud to offer premium services to our clients and prestigious customers in the Middle East and surrounding areas. Without a doubt, we are one of the leading car tire suppliers in the world. Our wide range of carefully chosen tires makes it easy to find the right tire to fit into your budget.

This enables us to understand the market we are working with and helps us improve our organization for the better. At the end of the day, we are working with you and providing a premium range of products with competitive prices in the market so that you select our tires over others anytime you are wishing to purchase.

In a short span of time, Zeetex has become a significant name in the tire market competing with the high-end tire makers and making the customers understand what it likes to play big on a limited budget. In regards to being the Itv tires manufacturers, our fully stocked and well-equipped tires are comfortable and well-gripped so that you enjoy the same level of comfort that we do.

At Zeetex, we specialize in producing and manufacturing different types of lubricants and tires and are renowned for being Itv tires manufacturers in the world. This is purely the reason why our brand has emerged to be one of the most significant tire dealers and distributors in the world.

At Zeetex, we make sure that you purchase the best quality of tires and lubricants for your vehicles at suitable rates. In order to understand more about prices and the benefits we are giving to our respective clients and customers, you need to visit our retail shop for more information and updates. Our tire dealers and distributors are available to facilitate you as per your requirements and needs. Make sure to understand our policies and go through extensive product information in order to understand why our prices differ from the conventional tire market.

With such an expansive product range in both tires and lubricants, make sure to visit our tire range on our website and at our retail stores. We provide different kinds of tires for different vehicles. For truckers on the long road, they can visit our website and check out our premium tires and lubricants and select as per their wishes. Our commercial truck tires are something that every truck driver dreams of. The rubbers used in these tires are firm and solid providing extended support and grip onto the vehicles.

Our commercial truck tires are still making a name in the market. We are striving hard to develop better tires for our truckers for their long journeys with its ability to adhere to strict conditions and environment.


Brand Videos

Explore ZEETEX videos to know more about the brand, its products, and see its expedition across the regions.


Tires Range

Covering different categories, ZEETEX offers wide variety of tires having unique patterns and features that offer multiple benefits to the customers in their respective applications.


Batteries Range

ZEETEX follows seamless technology use to bring forward a wide array of batteries for automotive and other industrial uses where quality is taken care of by seamless technology used.


Lubricants Range

Be it for vehicle use or industrial usage, ZEETEX offers world-class quality lubricants, greases, & special fluids to suit the respective needs of the customers.









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