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Zeetex HP1000 – The Ultra Silent Performer

As a brand, ZEETEX knows how to keep the tires rolling, considering the change, needs, and requirements of the customers.  ZEETEX’s UHP pattern, HP1000 has become very popular amongst high-performance car enthusiasts.

The HP1000 comes with an exciting feature such as asymmetrical tread pattern for extremely precise steering accuracy, wider circumferential grooves, and lateral grooves which evacuate water quickly defeating aquaplaning phenomena.  The serrations on the groove walls reduce the pipe resonance noise making it an ultra-silent tire.  Its wavy sipes ensure outstanding braking performance in wet conditions and deliver enhanced ride comfort.  It also delivers remarkable vehicle stability during cornering and gentle side slip.

With HP1000, ZEETEX is all set to give the Ultra-silent high performance.  Check out more about the brand and the product portfolio at

adminZeetex HP1000 – The Ultra Silent Performer
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